Personalize Your Wedding Toasting Flutes

Wedding Toasting FlutesWeddings are capable of evoking different feelings and emotions, with all the fabulous cakes, the camaraderie from the guests, and of course, the toasting flutes that are never missing. Everything about the event just seems to go off without any hitch and the day could never be better. And when the time comes that it is your day to celebrate this special celebration, you should make sure that every detail of it is as perfect as it should be, especially your toasting flutes.

Every detail in a wedding is delicately chosen. And when it comes to wedding toasting flutes, there are various factors that need to be considered such as knowing what to look for. Would you like to have something more traditional or would like to opt for something bold and a new statement that would start the marriage off. There are times when you will need to take note whether or not they are merely glass or crystal. Another thing that needs to take into consideration would be if you can purchase more than one set of it or in sets of four. But one wonderful idea that would make the toasting flutes extra special is to have them monogrammed. When the engraving is done, you may choose from a variety of fonts in order to create a memorable souvenir that you can hand down to the next generations. You can also put different initials that would specify if they are intended for the bride or the groom. Continue reading


Unique Centerpieces Ideas to Amp Up the Wedding Reception

Wedding CenterpieceThese days brides look for ways to spice up their decorations with wedding centerpieces. Some of them really dream big- tabletops that are overflowing with blooms and berries; candelabra dripping with ranunculus and roses and peonies as far as the naked eye can see. But there are weddings that may call for a more toned-down tabletop décor. Simplicity is not always synonymous with being boring. Having it less fussy can actually translate it into trendsetting. Centerpieces are some of the easiest and definitely effective ways to make it happen. Though traditional flower arrangements are still gorgeous, there are many other centerpieces alternatives that exist to amp up the wedding reception and make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration an extraordinary memory.

Be Inspired by the Season

Utilize the environment as your guide, especially when you want an outdoor wedding. During the fall season, think of the colorful leaves, the branches and the pumpkins. You can use the mini pumpkins as seating cards. Opt to be natural or artsy by spraying painting elements in gold or silver to make it striking and unique. When in winter, the small evergreens which are decorated with berries, or ornaments would surely be lovely. Consider hanging some escort cards on a beautiful Christmas tree to your guests would find their table assignments.  Summertime would be perfect with glass containers filled with seashells, sand, and colored sea glass. This would be great for a beach wedding.

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Wedding Favors: Say “Thank You” from Home

Wedding Favors Idea

Image Credit: stylemepretty(dot)com

A wedding is a time for a lot of things and this includes giving wedding favors. This is not only the time for two people to say “I do”, but also to say “thank you”. Wedding favors are tokens given to those people who have spent their time and effort to serve as witnesses for the couple’s big day. But doing so does not necessarily mean being extravagant with the budget. By the mere use of imagination and creativity you would find various ways on how to turn your ubiquitous wedding favor into a charming and highly personalized one that would reflect a lot about your guest. The tradition of having a homemade wedding favor is as old as the tradition of marriage. Before the advent of technology and online shopping, brides would pack their little nuts and fruits to give to their guests on their wedding day. And of course, this traditional way is still much appreciated in this modern time and some of the still most popular wedding favors are the following.

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Spanish Wedding: Traditional Yet Charming

Spanish Wedding
Weddings are always an elaborate affair in every part of the world, from north to south, to east and west. However, each country when it comes to wedding celebrations is distinct from one another. They differ from traditions and customs, and other things. It can be in the way how a groom and bride dress, or the food that is being served, or even the kinds of flowers during the wedding day. Spanish wedding for instance is regarded to be a romantic celebration that is full of well-preserved traditions. The bride is decked out in a beautiful attire with dresses that is full of ribbons, bows, buttons, and frills. But their modern brides often prefer to have plainer gowns, although they give in to hair dresses of stunning mantle of laces covering their gorgeous black hair.

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Planning A Romantic Sunset Beach Wedding

Sunset Beach WeddingThe calm waters softly kisses the satin sand as the western sun brightly splatters its bronze dust upon the indigo skies. It was near dusk, and the giant fire-ball signals to bound home, waving his lofty rays into the golden-drenched seas. It was a picture that a poet can hardly find the right words to fully describe. An enthralling beauty that a witness can never be forget in a lifetime…

What if the picture described above is the backdrop of your wedding. Overly romantic it may read, but it is a beautiful scene to speak your vows. Wedding is a romantic moment, a celebration of love, an event of complete surrender. While there are many fun ideas to plan for your big day, it wouldn’t hurt, if you will make it extra romantic.

Summer is coming near, and not many couple consider it as a good wedding season. With the scorching hot sun, and all the preparations to be make to make the guests comfortable, spring, autumn, and winter may provide a much better atmosphere. In truth, summer is wonderful season when you know to find the perfect timing. Having the wedding scheduled in the late afternoon until night can make you take the advantage of the sunset for a beautiful and wonderfully romantic wedding.

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How To Find Your Perfect Bridal Dress?

Wedding DayIn your big day, you have all the right to shine and be beautiful. You are the main star in your wedding and your soon-to-be groom of course. With all your planning and commitments finalizing the details of your wedding, you can not just get rid of the busy days especially if you are doing the organizing yourself. However, you cannot just get rid of thinking about how you will look on that day. More to the challenges of wedding planning, you might are also very excited to pick bridal accessories and dress that suits you. Most of the brides are looking forward to find their wedding gowns. May the tips below help you find the perfect gown for your style and preference.

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Tips in Choosing Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle Perfect For You

Bridal hairstyle

Chignon. Twist. Bun. Well…They must sound like some French bread, but they are not! They are the common styles used for bridal hairstyles, not to mention the curls and braids. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, and with all the beautiful tricks that can be done to every bride’s lovely tresses, it may be difficult for her to find the best hairstyle that will immortalize her wedding look.

Do not stress yourself out, no matter how many kind of nuptial locks inspirations you can find, be firm with one thing, your wedding is no place for a bad hair day. So read on for some tips that may help you achieve the bridal hairstyle fit for your style.

Great hairstyle for bride

Match Make.

Your hair should perfectly match your gown, not overpower it. The formality and the over-all style of your dress should be the basis of your hair. If you opt for a country wedding look, you might consider a braided hairstyle, or some loose curls. You can place some delicate flowers if you want to achieve soft and innocent effect. On the other-hand, if your wedding gown is formal and simple, a sleek chignon, or any elegant up-do is a great way to go.

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