Unique Centerpieces Ideas to Amp Up the Wedding Reception

Wedding CenterpieceThese days brides look for ways to spice up their decorations with wedding centerpieces. Some of them really dream big- tabletops that are overflowing with blooms and berries; candelabra dripping with ranunculus and roses and peonies as far as the naked eye can see. But there are weddings that may call for a more toned-down tabletop décor. Simplicity is not always synonymous with being boring. Having it less fussy can actually translate it into trendsetting. Centerpieces are some of the easiest and definitely effective ways to make it happen. Though traditional flower arrangements are still gorgeous, there are many other centerpieces alternatives that exist to amp up the wedding reception and make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration an extraordinary memory.

Be Inspired by the Season

Utilize the environment as your guide, especially when you want an outdoor wedding. During the fall season, think of the colorful leaves, the branches and the pumpkins. You can use the mini pumpkins as seating cards. Opt to be natural or artsy by spraying painting elements in gold or silver to make it striking and unique. When in winter, the small evergreens which are decorated with berries, or ornaments would surely be lovely. Consider hanging some escort cards on a beautiful Christmas tree to your guests would find their table assignments.  Summertime would be perfect with glass containers filled with seashells, sand, and colored sea glass. This would be great for a beach wedding.

Get Fruity on your Wedding day

Have a glass cylinder and fill it with fruits (limes, lemons, kumquats, oranges). Have them at varying heights for a fun, colorful, and chic look. Every cylinder should have its own fruit and the cylinders should be arranged in groups of three at the center of every table.

Let the Light Shine

Candles can create an ambiance of romance and can be an additional source of light. Place them at varying heights in vessels of varied color and size. Candles are great if you want a simple centerpiece. You can also opt to use floating candles in unique vases. If you want to have an eclectic décor style, purchase vases in various colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. Light up some floating candles for a more romantic ambiance.

On the Rocks

Rocks, when combined with pillar candles can create a nice and organic feel to the Wedding Candlestable. Fill a cylinder with water, then submerge the rocks, and a floating white candle to have that stellar, clean, and romantic look.

Sticks and Succulents

If you want to go green with your centerpieces, add moss and accents of candles to decorate the table that would be both striking and Eco-friendly. You can also add some orchid heads here and there to have hints of softness and floral. This would one great way to create a simple table centerpiece that would provide the reception with a beautiful and romantic feel.

Create the look you want for your wedding centerpieces. Make them a mirror of your own personality. Incorporating the above tips and ideas would surely make every wedding celebration a big one, just like what you have been dreaming of.


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