Wedding Favors: Say “Thank You” from Home

Wedding Favors Idea

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A wedding is a time for a lot of things and this includes giving wedding favors. This is not only the time for two people to say “I do”, but also to say “thank you”. Wedding favors are tokens given to those people who have spent their time and effort to serve as witnesses for the couple’s big day. But doing so does not necessarily mean being extravagant with the budget. By the mere use of imagination and creativity you would find various ways on how to turn your ubiquitous wedding favor into a charming and highly personalized one that would reflect a lot about your guest. The tradition of having a homemade wedding favor is as old as the tradition of marriage. Before the advent of technology and online shopping, brides would pack their little nuts and fruits to give to their guests on their wedding day. And of course, this traditional way is still much appreciated in this modern time and some of the still most popular wedding favors are the following.

Ideas For Wedding Favor

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Edible Wedding Favors

One great way to give unique wedding favors while staying on a budget is by utilizing your baking skills and sending your guests with some home-made delicious and personalized memento with edible wedding favors. Cookies are the most popular. Have a cookie cutter with shapes ranging from classic hearts, leaves, shells, moon, stars, and flowers. You can monogram your initials into them and you can use sprinkles and icing sugar to decorate. Then pack them in little boxes, wrap in a colored paper and tie a tiny ribbon.

Seed Wedding favors

Among the most popular wedding favor ideas are the seeds. These are symbols of new beginnings. While seeds are available online and are prettily packaged, you can make your own seed packet wedding favor. It is just choosing the kinds of seeds that you would like to give. Some of the great choices would be herbs, vegetables, and fruit seeds. Pack them in small squares of fabric and attach a tag of the seed name, as well as the instructions on how to plant and take care of it.

Personalized CDs

The modern technology has made it possible for people to indulge into their creative and artistic side with great results. You can make use of your computer to create place card holders with beautiful fonts. Another idea for a personalized wedding favor is by creating a romance-themed CD for your every guest.

Soaps and Scrubs

You can go an extra mile when it comes to giving gifts to your guests by having homemade scrubs and soaps. You can scout online for the different easy steps on how to make scented soaps. You can then pack them in translucent glass jars or boxes. You can do the same for the scrubs and lotions made at home. Tie a tiny ribbon on them to make them look more gorgeous. Your guests would surely love to keep and smell their scent, and of course, keep them as a remembrance of your wedding day.


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