Spanish Wedding: Traditional Yet Charming

Spanish Wedding
Weddings are always an elaborate affair in every part of the world, from north to south, to east and west. However, each country when it comes to wedding celebrations is distinct from one another. They differ from traditions and customs, and other things. It can be in the way how a groom and bride dress, or the food that is being served, or even the kinds of flowers during the wedding day. Spanish wedding for instance is regarded to be a romantic celebration that is full of well-preserved traditions. The bride is decked out in a beautiful attire with dresses that is full of ribbons, bows, buttons, and frills. But their modern brides often prefer to have plainer gowns, although they give in to hair dresses of stunning mantle of laces covering their gorgeous black hair.

In the past, Spanish brides had to wear a gown that is made of black silk with a black veil as a part of their ceremony. In the other regions, their brides still wear Flamenco style dresses that are full of ruffles to keep with the dance of the same name that is well-loved and popularized by Spanish people. Another quaint Spanish custom is that, the bride embroiders the shirt to be worn by the groom on the wedding. In addition, flowers play an integral part in every Spanish wedding. But of course, the types of flowers depend on the place where the bride is coming from. Andalucia brides carry a bouquet of white and pink roses, those from the other parts of Spain carry only a bouquet of white flowers. On the other hand, those who are from Seville wear traditional orange blossoms that releases a wonderful fragrance.

Spanish weddings are usually held late in the evening and the father escorts the daughter going to the church, while the mother of the groom walks down the aisle with her son. One tradition that is surely Spanish is their exchange of thirteen gold coins representing Jesus and his twelve apostles. The coins are being blessed by the priest and are considered a dowry that shows the grooms’ agreement of supporting the bride. This custom is in fact evident in this present time, though a lot of grooms are in no position of offering thirteen gold coins as a symbol. Thus, coins that are made from other kinds of metals are offered instead. For the rings, they are exchanged and are worn on their right hands.

Spanish Wedding

Spanish people love to drink, eat, and of course dance during wedding festivities and this continues until late at night. The guests are allowed to dance with the bride and groom. While this happens, the bride gets gifts of money while the garter of the groom is being auctioned as a token of prosperity and good luck. Other charming Spanish traditions and customs include the bride presenting some tiny flower brooches to the single ladies who need to pin them on their clothing upside down. If in case the brooch would get lost during the wedding celebration, it is a sign that the young girl is concerned about getting married soon.

Paella is a very popular Spanish dish that is served with red wine sangria. A sponge cake with almonds and fruits is usually the desert while the men get cigars. Typically, a Spanish wedding is such a wondrous affair where traditions are the core of the celebration.


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