Planning A Romantic Sunset Beach Wedding

Sunset Beach WeddingThe calm waters softly kisses the satin sand as the western sun brightly splatters its bronze dust upon the indigo skies. It was near dusk, and the giant fire-ball signals to bound home, waving his lofty rays into the golden-drenched seas. It was a picture that a poet can hardly find the right words to fully describe. An enthralling beauty that a witness can never be forget in a lifetime…

What if the picture described above is the backdrop of your wedding. Overly romantic it may read, but it is a beautiful scene to speak your vows. Wedding is a romantic moment, a celebration of love, an event of complete surrender. While there are many fun ideas to plan for your big day, it wouldn’t hurt, if you will make it extra romantic.

Summer is coming near, and not many couple consider it as a good wedding season. With the scorching hot sun, and all the preparations to be make to make the guests comfortable, spring, autumn, and winter may provide a much better atmosphere. In truth, summer is wonderful season when you know to find the perfect timing. Having the wedding scheduled in the late afternoon until night can make you take the advantage of the sunset for a beautiful and wonderfully romantic wedding.

Beach wedding and sunset? Sounds a perfect pair right? How will we pull this off? Below are few tips:

Scout a perfect beach location – You might have envisioned your wedding setting. You can choose to wed with the wide ocean as your backdrop. Also, you can choose a cove or an area protected from the wind since beaches are naturally breezy.

Beach Ceremony Decorate the venue romantically – Since you will be starting afternoon, bright colors of summer may not that be appropriate so better choose your decors that will look perfect until the night. You can make the even semi-formal. Depending on your choice you can place flooring on the sand or rather let your guests walk on the sand barefoot.

Beaches often already have a powerful visuals with the ocean dominating the scene, you can choose to minimize the decors to highlight the natural beauty of the place. Starfish and seashells are popular adornments together with other marine-related items from seahorses to tropical flowers. Line the isle with flowers and since the wedding may reach sundown, lighting options like candles and torches are great to put drama in the scene.

wedding kissConsider wedding favors you can first use as decors – You can have a canopy for your guests to protect them against possible drizzles or uninvited seagulls. For a romantic tropical décor, you can have personalized mini lanterns as your favor but before giving them away to guests, they can serve as lighting under the canopy tulle and tropical flowers.

Remember your guests comfort – Provide comfort for the elderly and insect repellent for your guests. Always have a back up plan in case nature would not cooperate. You can opt for tent or indoor location for the reception that you can also use for the ceremony just in case. Also, do not forget parking permits and papers especially if you will wed in a public beach. On private beach on the other-hand settle everything with the owner to ensure your every need will be laid down.

The most romantic moment in the event to witness is of course…The Kiss.


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