Tips in Choosing Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle Perfect For You

Bridal hairstyle

Chignon. Twist. Bun. Well…They must sound like some French bread, but they are not! They are the common styles used for bridal hairstyles, not to mention the curls and braids. There are hundreds of styles to choose from, and with all the beautiful tricks that can be done to every bride’s lovely tresses, it may be difficult for her to find the best hairstyle that will immortalize her wedding look.

Do not stress yourself out, no matter how many kind of nuptial locks inspirations you can find, be firm with one thing, your wedding is no place for a bad hair day. So read on for some tips that may help you achieve the bridal hairstyle fit for your style.

Great hairstyle for bride

Match Make.

Your hair should perfectly match your gown, not overpower it. The formality and the over-all style of your dress should be the basis of your hair. If you opt for a country wedding look, you might consider a braided hairstyle, or some loose curls. You can place some delicate flowers if you want to achieve soft and innocent effect. On the other-hand, if your wedding gown is formal and simple, a sleek chignon, or any elegant up-do is a great way to go.

Great Wedding Hairstyle


Accessorizing your hair is one of the best ways to enhance your over all look. Wedding hair jewels give a dramatic look especially if you are using traditional veil. There are three most common hair accessories mostly used for bridal hairstyles. Be wary of the color of the metal you will choose.  Hair accessories are like your wedding jewels, they should complement the color of your dress.

  • Jeweled clips and combs. Either sleek or tousled styles, jeweled combs does not disappoint. If your dress is simple, you can go for elaborate ones to make a highlight. Jeweled and sequined dresses on the other hand can opt for simple combs and clips to give extra accent.
  • Tiaras. If there will be an accessory that’ll make you feel like a princess, it is a tiara. Find one that complements your veil. Tiaras are great for long and short hair.
  • Flowers. Flowers are common for country look. Yet they can also be versatile for any wedding dress. Flowers can be tucked in your French twist or can be sprinkled in your braid.
  • Headbands. Headbands adorned with pearls or jewels can make a statement.

Bridal hairstyle

Length Wise.

Obviously the length of your tresses matter if you want to achieve your preferred look. Pixie is always a consideration. You can tie your hair back and adorn ’em with headband or flowers. Your hairstylist can always use a wig if you want it long though. There are limitless options for short hairs so there is nothing you should worry about.

Long hair is versatile, yet you have to consider the dress, and the weather. If its summer, your hair may be prone to frizz, so you can opt for up-do’s instead. If you are to wed during the winter, you can have your hair down, but you have to remember that it should not clash your neckline or a special jewel.

Stay pretty in your wedding day…because you are.


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