Simple Tips To Choose Your Wedding Cake

Unique Wedding CakePlanning your wedding is like living in a daydream. Fantasizing for your dress, conceptualizing your wedding theme, the invitations and every details to mark the special event in your life is simply wonderful. As you go through the list of the things to add, well…you might are excited about the wedding cake! It’s the star next to you, and that sweet treat should be thought of carefully, deserving of the sweet lady!

The wedding cake is one of the main focuses of the reception. The way your cake is fashioned create an impressive impact to your guests, a reason why choosing the right cake for you can be time consuming while taking a lot of effort. With this daunting task at hand, let us help you through the process of choosing the right wedding cake that may truly sparkle in your wedding reception:

Setting Personal Preferences

Its your day, and it will be best if your wedding cake comes with personal touch from the couple. You can start by asking your future other half of his preferences. Most of the groom leaves it all to the bride, but you can always incorporate his ideas anytime. If you are have a tiered cake you can have a mixed flavor both from your personal favorites. To choose a wedding cake, you have to consider your personal wants in terms of the; (1) look, (2) function, (3) style, (4) color, (5) taste, and (6) accessories.

  • Look For Ideas

The supplementary details of your wedding like the cake, invitation, wedding bouquet, etc, should follow when you already have decided with your theme. When you have set your theme, it might suggest the design of cake that you will choose. However, you are free whether you will go for the classic ones (as it apply in any theme) or deviate the theme. When choosing a style of wedding cake, you can find ideas by browsing online, reading wedding magazines, looking in baker displays, or by looking in old family wedding photos for inspiration.

  • Decide On Your Budget

When you know what your cake would be like, you now have to decide on how much are you willing to spend for the cake. You have to realistic and compare prices from your local vendors. You can ask for quotations to make easier comparison.

  • Speak To A Baker

There is a long list of cake choices which are appropriate for weddings. If you wanted a cake that speaks of your personality and preference, speaking to the expert can be of great help.  Bakers who are expert in the industry can provide you with good suggestions on how to pull-off the beauty of the cake the way you like it. However, be reminded that you need to give the baker plenty of time to do your request.. Never rush the baker to create your custom wedding cake. As much as possible, find a reputable baker 6 months ahead to avoid barging with others reservations. Also, other ingredients may not be available at the time so the baker has to have them ordered. If you wanted to be entertained and to have a delicious and stunning wedding cake, planning ahead is the key.


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